Pure uncut Ketamine S-isomer

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Buy Pure Ketamine S-isomer online

What is Ketamine? Buy Pure Ketamine S-isomer online

This K is smaller crystal grains – Well cooked and very powerful. Tested to be S-Isomer Ketmaine.

Clean and potent product – tested and confirmed to be extremely strong horse and actually above par, we recommend that you be careful when dosing on this.

Important information

Esketamine, sold under the brand names Ketanest and Ketanest S, also known as (S)-ketamine orS(+)-ketamine, is a general anesthetic and a dissociative hallucinogen. It is the S(+) enantiomer of the drug ketamine, which is an anesthetic and … Esketamine inhibits dopamine transporters eight timesmore than arketamine.

Most ketamine is racemic, i.e. it is composed of equal parts S/(+) and R/(-) ketamine. The (+) isomer of ketamine is more potent than the (-) isomer. It also seems that (+) ketamine would be superior as a psychedelic tool, for a number of reasons.
Some facts/differences worth noting:
In a study wh

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